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Independent Incident Investigations

USSA Global Consultants specialise in Independent Incident Investigations. USSA ensures comprehensive investigations are undertaken and that the necessary corrective actions are identified so as to reduce the likelihood of it’s reoccurrence and injury. As Independent Incident Investigators, USSA help you ensure you are meeting your statutory obligations and it demonstrates your commitment to workplace safety […]

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Dropped Object – High Risk Work Environments

During a maintenance activity a High Flow return roller weighing 20kgs was dropped 3.8 m onto a walkway. The subsequent investigation presented lessons for all personnel that work in multi-level work areas. When conducting any work on multi-level work areas it is very important to consider the interactions between activities i.e. Simultaneous Operations – Be […]

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Improving Safety

Y is a function of x – Y=f(x) Improving Safety requires focus and to get real results we must direct our resources towards the elements which will impact our performance the most. Y represents the output/performance we want to achieve for a specific measure and the x (x’s) represent the inputs which affect this specific […]

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Safety Slogans

Creating Useful Safety Slogans Accidents in the workplace are an unfortunate occurrence, but can be prevented with some foresight. Many Health and Safety departments have long since tried to find the perfect way to ensure the safety of workers that is not only easy, but also cost affordable. However, it can be difficult to determine […]

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Common Workplace Hazards for Office Workers

There are many workplace hazards that can be found around the typical Australian office. Poor posture when working at a computer along with excessive time spent in an office chair can cause physical injury to an employee’s arms, neck and shoulders. Eye strain is another commonly reported injury. Computers also pose a threat in the […]

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Certificate IV in Security and Risk Management

The Certificate IV in Securityand Risk Management (SRM) is a sought after qualification. Many of us are involved in Risk management on a daily basis as we identify risks to ourselves, our families and our colleagues; whether in the home, in the car, at the shops or in the workplace. A Certificate IV in Security […]

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Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety

The Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety (WHS) is a new course that supersedes the old Certificate IV in Occupational Health and Safety and provides a thorough familiarisation with the new Model Work Health and Safety Act 2011. This much sought after qualification is for both private and public sectors, as most employers require […]

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