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Contractor Management - USSA Global

Contractor Management

Helping you Manage your Contractors 

Contractors maintenanceUSSA Global can help you ensure that your business has effective Contractor Management procedures in place, including robust selection and monitoring arrangements.

Contractor management can be very challenging and time consuming to manage internally; the complexity of your arrangements will depend on how a contractor is engaged, the type of work, where and under what circumstances the work is being conducted.

Outsourcing work by engaging external contractors to undertake the work on your behalf does not automatically transfer the associated risks as well. As an employer, you still have obligations under Occupational Health and Safety legislation and in certain circumstances you can be held responsible (‘vicariously liable’) for the actions of those you employ including contractors.

Where a business engages contractors to perform work on their behalf, they need to ensure that they understand their duty of care to those contractors and that contractors understand and meet the necessary health, safety and environmental standards.


The Importance of Contractor Selection

It is therefore important that contractors have a clear understanding of the standards you expect them to maintain and that they have their own robust safety policy and safety procedures in place.  Having a robust Contractor Selection process is crucial in achieving this; an effective screening process ensures that only suitably qualified and reputable contractors are selected and enables both parties to identify expectations and establish working relationships. Developing this further to an Approved Contractors and Supplier scheme means that only those contractors which meet your predetermined standards, including health safety and environmental requirements can undertake work for your organisation.

Where contractors work on sites within your control, it is important that they are made aware of site rules and of any site hazards that may affect them. Consequently, all contractors should be subject to a site specific safety induction before they commence work.


USSA Global Contractor Management Safety Services

If your organisation engages contractors or sub-contractors, contractor management should be embedded within your overall HSE management system.

Our experienced USSA Global HSE Consultants can work with you to provide Contractor Management safety services including:

  • Development of compliant Contractor Management procedures, including Selection and Monitoring arrangements; to give you a practical tool to systematically manage contractors.
  • Development and implementation of Approved Contractor and/or Supplier Procedures to ensure external contractors meet and comply with your systems.
  • Undertake detailed Gap Analysis of your existing Contractor Management process and arrangements, to ensure these meet current Occupational Health and Safety legislation, standards and/or Principal Contractor requirements.
  •  Provision of a Mentoring and Training programme to provide your employees with the skills needed to manage contractor safety

For further information about USSA Global Contractor Management services, please contact us


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