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Incident Investigation

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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAs an employer, you have a moral duty to ensure the safety of your employees as well as a legal duty of care, to ensure that workers have a safe workplace and are not injured whilst at work.

If the worst happens and an adverse event has taken place, such as a significant accident, dangerous occurrence or environmental event, it is essential that this is quickly handled and well managed.  You also have a number of legal obligations in terms of reporting and notification which need to be adhered to.

USSA Global can help support your organisation immediately after such an event, as well as managing the data collection and subsequent investigation.We have the capacity to provide you with fully trained and experienced incident investigators, at short notice, to run independent incident and ICAM* /Taproot investigations or support senior management in undertaking detailed internal investigation.


Importance of Accident Investigation

Incidents generally result from a specific sequence of events initiated by immediate and underlying causes. An investigation should strive to identify all the causes and analyse the circumstances surrounding an accident. It is only by completing this process that effective improvements can be implemented.

Detailed investigation is crucial in order to establish how the accident may have occurred; the factors that may have contributed to it and to ensure measures are put in place to prevent a reoccurrence. Investigation is also required to satisfy legal requirements (e.g. some accidents and dangerous occurrences are legally notifiable and have to be reported to authorities).

The details of an accident investigation will enable the company to make improvements to its management system, by reviewing relevant risk assessments, safe systems of work and amend policy and procedures as necessary in order to eliminate a reoccurrence of the situation.


Costs of Accidents

iceberg accident costsHandled poorly, accidents, particularly major accidents, have the potential to cause irreversible damage to a company’s reputation and can have huge financial implications.

Accident studies often refer to the ‘Accident Iceberg’, where the majority of costs associated with a workplace accident are ‘hidden’, indirect costs, such as damage, production delays and interruptions, legal expenses and additional recruitment costs, which are often not covered by insurance and therefore have to be met by the organisation.


Benefits of hiring a USSA Global Consultant

Hiring a USSA Global Consultant will ensure that a comprehensive investigation is undertaken and the necessary corrective actions are identified in order to reduce the likelihood of reoccurrence and injury. It will help you ensure you are meeting your statutory obligations and demonstrate your commitment to workplace safety and improvement.

Hiring an external third party will also help ensure that the investigation is perceived by the workforce as being objective and independent and provide a fresh set of eyes. Our experienced investigators will liaise with the workforce, manage the investigating authorities and ensure that the resulting investigation remains independent and objective.

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