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USSA Training Courses NZ ProgramTraining Courses NZ: With USSA’s ongoing expansion in New Zealand, USSA Global and USSA Training can help support and prepare local businesses and organisations with the significant OHS* changes currently taking place in New Zealand.

USSA Training Courses NZ is establishing an ongoing programme of training opportunities to support these changes and provide our existing and new clients with the opportunity to access quality courses designed and developed specifically to address New Zealand’s Working Safer Reform Package.

The courses seek to ensure maximum engagement with employees by making practical links to Work Health and Safety systems within your organisation.

USSA Training is committed to delivering quality training courses, which help clients develop the necessary skills and knowledge in the area of Workplace Health and Safety thus adding value to your organisation.

Courses can be booked via our interactive Events Calendar

 NOTE*: The terms Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) and Work Health and Safety (WHS) are equivalent and generally either can be used in the workplace.

Training Courses NZ: Preparing for Harmonisation

New Zealand Harmonisation and reforms in Health and Safety includes plans to replace NZ’s current Health and Safety in Employment Act 1992 (NZ) with a new Health and Safety at Work Act (NZ), based on Australia’s Model Work Health  and Safety (WHS)  Act .

What are the major changes to the New Zealand WHS system that our Training Courses NZ program addresses?

  • The establishment of an Independent Taskforce on WHS.
  • The development of a reform package.
  • The introduction of new health and safety legislation in the form of the Health and Safety (Pike River Implementation) Bill based on Australian Model H&S legislation.
  • A new stand-alone regulator, WorkSafe New Zealand, is to be established.
  • Transitional arrangements are to be put in place, and
  • Further initiatives aimed at improving performance.

USSA Training Courses NZ is positioned to deliver targeted training which addresses these reforms and based on guidance from the Australian /New Zealand Standards for Risk Management and Quality Management Systems.

With considerable experience in the mining, manufacturing, forestry, agriculture and construction industry in NZ, USSA Training Courses NZ and training consultants are well placed to offer their expertise in relation to these reforms and how they will impact on Work Health and Safety across New Zealand.

Further information regarding these new workplace health and safety reforms can be found in USSA’s New Zealand’s Special newsletter

Who are we?

USSA Training Courses NZ’s mission is to provide quality vocational education and training in the area of Work Health and Safety and Risk Management.

USSA Training is a Western Australia Registered Training Organisation (RTO) and is able to deliver a range of Nationally Accredited Australian Qualifications, including the Work Health and Safety Certificate IV.   In addition to accredited courses USSA Training also provides a number of non-accredited courses which can be targeted and developed to meet organisational needs and the identified training needs or employees.

New NZ Short Courses

USSA Training has established an ongoing programme of training opportunities to support the changes to the NZ Workplace Health and Safety reforms and provide our existing and new clients with the opportunity to access these courses in a number of convenient locations across New Zealand commencing January 2014.    The courses have been designed to provide business owners the line of site on what will be required under the Workplace health and safety reforms.

USSA Training has the ability to run in-house courses for organisations who wish to train 10 or more employees. Please contact USSA for further information on group bookings and our generous discounts.

USSA Training is committed to delivering quality training courses, which help clients develop the necessary skills and knowledge, thus adding value to your organisation.

USSA Training Courses NZ Schedule

Courses will be run as follows, from January 2014 and can be booked via our interactive Events Calendar:

Week 1 – NEW PLYMOUTH (starting Monday 27th Jan)

Week 2 – AUCKLAND (starting Monday 3rd Feb)

Week 3 – WELLINGTON (starting Monday 17th Mar)

Week 4 – CHRISTCHURCH (starting Monday 24th Mar)

Day Course Cost
MONDAY Understanding your legal obligations in the new WorkSafe NZ world $175
TUESDAY Introduction to Risk Management $175
WEDNESDAY Introduction to effective WHS Management $175
THURSDAY Internal Auditing of Safety Systems – how your organisation benefits $175
FRIDAY Crisis and Emergency Management including effective management of incidents $175