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Risk Management Overview - USSA Global

Risk Management Overview

 Risk Management Solutions and Benefits

Risk Mgt 31000 diagram

All organisations are exposed to internal and external factors, which can create uncertainty over whether the organisation can achieve its objectives; this uncertainty can be viewed as risk.

USSA Global can help your business to meet its objectives and address these uncertainties, by ensuring effective and efficient risk management processes are in place. This can achieved by embedding a robust, comprehensive and integrated risk management framework, which is aligned with ISO international standards (such as ISO 31000), and which nurtures continuous improvement, adding value to your organisation.

USSA Global can support your organisation with all stages of the risk management process (as illustrated in the diagram on the left)

USSA Global risk management experts can assist your organisation in risk identification, analysis and evaluation, and have the capability and experience to utilize a number of different risk management tools, as appropriate to your specific organisation and the complexity of the risks involved (click here for further details about risk management tools).

USSA Global consultants can advise on how to establish effective risk treatment programmes and embed proactive monitoring and review mechanisms, such as auditing. USSA Global can also undertake specific auditing programmes on your behalf (for further details on auditing click here).

Health and Safely Risk Management

risk managementThere are a number of risk assessment concepts and tools which can be used to ensure effective identification, analysis, control and evaluation of risk issues.

Some of the tools which USSA Global Consultants may employ include:

We have provided a summary of each of these concepts and tools in the links above. The tool(s) used will depend on the size, complexity and risk profile of the organisation.  USSA Global’s Risk Management Specialists are available to assist you to identify the appropriate risk assessment method to successfully deliver your business objectives.

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