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Legal Compliance Assessment - USSA Global

Legal Compliance Assessment

USSA Global understand the need for solid corporate governance processes to be in place in all organizations to ensure directors understand their obligations and the need for the promotion of accountability surrounding all business decisions.

Corporate Governance

Effective corporate governance processes promote organizational value through:

  • Entrepreneurialism
  • Development and innovation
  • Robust risk management
  • Effective integrated management system implementation

One of the foundation elements of corporate governance is a clear understanding of legal obligations.  Directors need to have a clear line of sight on the relevant legal aspects that are applicable to the size and nature of the corporations they lead and need to consider all of the up-stream and down-stream business activities.

USSA Global have developed an innovative legal compliance assessment program which identifies key legal requirements based on the specific company risk profile, industry and geographic location of operations.

The legal compliance assessment program includes a prioritized checklist of relevant legislation and assessment evidence criteria which is used to determine an organisation’s level of compliance to key legislative issues.

The audit criteria also enables the USSA Global Specialists an opportunity to evaluate the implementation effectiveness of management system processes which are used to control the legal requirements relevant to the company.

Legal Compliance Assessment Focus

Areas of focus of USSA Global legal compliance assessments include (but are not limited to):

  • health and safety
  • environment
  • privacy
  • anti-corruption
  • procurement
  • records management
  • equal opportunity
  • industrial relations
  • contractor management

USSA Global legal compliance assessments are tailored specifically for each organisation and take into account recognized industry requirements, hazards, risks and considers global implications relating to manufacturing and international trade.

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